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Who is Climate Earth Coaching for?

Climate Earth Coaching is ideal for proactive parents who want to learn personal coping, healing, and resiliency skills, and learn how to help their kids, aged 8 and up, to thrive and prosper amidst chaos. Typically, around age 7 or 8, kids start becoming aware and afraid of real-life dangers, like climate change. But the emotions associated with these dangers are out of reach, causing anxiety. Kids simply can’t put their feelings to words.

New parents and parents-in-waiting will also benefit. Its invaluable to know how to talk to kids about the future, and learn how to “be” with these issues. Climate Earth Coaching is grounded in trust and parenting by connection.

Andy typically works with parents only, but will consider working with entire families too.

How it works and what you get:

Climate Earth Coaching

Schedule a free consult: Your first 45 minute “get to know each other” and mini coaching session is free.


Select which package you are enterested in below and click the button to pay via PayPal.
Then just watch your Inbox and Andy will be in touch to schedule.

5 Coaching Session Package

5 – One Hour Sessions

$399 USD

Each Additional Session
$65 USD

Dedicated Family Coach

For families with complex needs

A Minimum of 2 One Hour Coaching Sessions per Month

$99/month USD

You will be automatically billed monthly.

You can cancel at any time.

Climate Café

Assemble a group of up to 12 family and/or friends to dive into facilitated discussions around any aspect of climate/environment you desire.

99 Minutes – $99 USD

Included with all coaching packages:

+ A curated Self-care Guide, reinforcing key concepts, strategies, and techniques learned in coaching. This guide enables parents to self-administer key coaching skills learned in their sessions.

+ “100+ Climate/Family Resource Guide” ranging from the latest in research, education, and media including popular articles, books, videos, films, poetry, and music to dance to.

+ Email access to Andy, for questions and answers, for 6 months.

Single Coaching Session

One Hour

$99 USD

Free Stuff! Those who join my mailing list will receive:

Curated easy-to-use summaries of my top “parenting in climate crisis” resources with easier-to-use self-care techniques.

Updates on free continuing education services and products, and low-cost programs and courses.

A guide on how to climate proof your home, on a very tight budget.


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