About Climate Earth Coaching

Why Climate Earth Coaching?

It’s a massive thing to live with: that we are helpless to stop climate change & the decline of nature.

That feeling of overwhelm and not knowing what to do.

There are solutions,

for you and your kids, within reach.

Now that you have kids do you find yourself caring even more about the future of our planet, yet wondering what on earth to do, how to reconcile your own grief, or how to talk to your kids and family? Holding big feelings, like fear of the future, locked up inside, is bad for your health, destructive to relationships, and harmful to the planet.

Kids stress, anxiety, and fear about the future can cause changes in health, behavior, development, memory, executive function, decision-making, and scholastic achievement. Medical specialists have demonstrated that talking about how issues, like climate and the future make us feel, is crucial to healing and developing coping skills.

What is Climate Earth Coaching?

Using traditional coaching methods and friendly conversation, we’ll explore your relationship with climate, earth, and yourself.

You will: Reset your power button.

Go from alarmed to activated. Feel capable, compassionate and confident.

Tune into yourself, your kids, and family. Be ready for whatever the future has to throw.

Even Though My Heart Aches With Sorrow that the world has shifted, and I acknowledge things will never be the same:

I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself

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