Climate Earth Coaching

For parents worried about their kids future
and the decline of climate, earth, humanity


Chaos and Uncertainty







Feelings of loss, grief, and overwhelm are hard enough for parents.

How will your kids thrive and prosper?

Climate issues are one of the biggest contributors to their stress and anxiety.

Do You:

… feel helpless or powerless at the enormity and complexity of all the crises we face?

… have a sad sinking feeling that life will be harder and success more elusive for your kid’s generation?

 … strive to be in better relationship with friends and family, so you can talk openly about uncomfortable truths?

 … worry about your kids turning inward, silent, or angry at the world for compromising their future?

If you are tired and fed up at the state of the world

Climate Earth Coaching can help you and your family be in better relationship, empowered with purpose. You’ll develop new skills for spiritual and emotional growth so you can handle anything the future has to throw.  I’ll help you put words to what you are feeling, develop coping skills, and be in fulfilling trusting relationship with your kids, family, and community.

It’s time to feel good about the actions you take.

Climate Earth Coaching takes parents from:

A place of loneliness, overwhelm, grief and anxiety

To a place of strength, resilience, and freedom

I’ll help you find purpose and meaning in aligning your actions and values.

Create more of what you want to see in your family, community, and world

You’re always thinking about what’s best for your kids. You want them to thrive and prosper, but they will need a unique set of skills to do so. With humanity facing one crisis after another, their future is threatened, and they know it. With Climate Earth Coaching, your entire family will rest easier knowing that you’re taking actions that are safe and within reach.

Earth Blog

How Are You Feeling, RIGHT NOW?  Many experts say, dive in, headfirst.

How Are You Feeling, RIGHT NOW? Many experts say, dive in, headfirst.

Got big emotions? It’s pretty taboo stuff. As kids we learned to hide them. Are you comfortable getting vulnerable and talking about big emotions, “being” with them, sitting with them, exploring how they make you feel, what they mean to you, what it feels like to “lean” into them and let them “dissolve” within you? What do these feelings look like in your life, and what you have learned from them? Bonus Content: hyperlinks to favorite resources on values, beliefs and emotions, to help you on your journey.

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True/False: Emotional Intelligence is linked to knowing your emotions. Surprise!

True/False: Emotional Intelligence is linked to knowing your emotions. Surprise!

Surprisingly, the answer is “BOTH AND”, but with a twist. Knowing your emotions does very little for your intelligence. People use tools like the emotion wheel to name emotions, ponder them a bit, develop epiphanies, yell “WOOT!”, and celebrate EI/EQ. “Not so quick”, says the Buddhist sage. Naming emotions doesn’t help your EI/EQ because it uses your left “thinking” brain, not your right “feeling” brain. What you “DO” with your emotions, in your right brain, is where the magic happens. Curious?

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“Recovering from Overwhelm, Anger, and Fear. I was pissed at the world for failing the earth, my family, and my kids. I learned how to avoid triggers, improve communication, be accountable, and help myself feel empowered and resilient, with loving relationships, confident that my kids have what they need to thrive and prosper.”


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